Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

This week has been a little bit emotionally draining for me.  Many of the current custody cases I am working on deal with issues where a parent has severe dependency issues and/or mental health issues.  These are areas a court has to probe into in a custody case or even a regular divorce case without children at times in order to prove grounds for divorce.  Unfortunately, many times these problems get progressively worse than better.  This unfortunately leads to problems down the road for children of these individuals and other issues for the individual themselves.  If you have a family member with these type problems, get them help.  If they refuse, in Mississippi visit with the chancery clerk in your county to see about getting an involuntary commitment of the individual.  Many counties, including DeSoto County now have an attorney paid by the county who handles these for individuals.   It can be the difference between life and death for the individual.  It can also prevent the cycle from repeating itself with children of these individuals. 

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