Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time Limits For Objections

I am at Larry Rice's CLE in Memphis for the next two (2) days.  It has been wonderful so far.  One issue that was discussed is adding contractual objections to billing.  What this does is to require a client to object in writing to any billing within thirty (30) days of receipt.  If there is no objection in that time frame, it is waived.  In a few recent guardian ad litem cases, we have included in the order that any objections to the report must be stated within a set time frame or they are waived.  This gets into issues of hearsay, legal arguments, etc.  Many times on those case, you have to make a judgment call of letting some things in that hurt your case so that your opponent cannot object to certain things coming in that likewise help your case.  I like the general concept and will be experimenting with it more. 

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