Friday, May 29, 2015

Alienation of Affection Jurisdiction

The Mississippi Supreme Court decided Francesca Nordness v. Paige Faucheaux yesterday.  The case gives detailed information concerning personal jurisdiction in an alienation of affection case.  The main issue in the case was that Nordness never knew Faucheaux's husband was a Mississippi resident.  The relevant language from the opinion is below. 
"Our review of United States Supreme Court precedent makes it abundantly clear that our courts cannot constitutionally assert personal jurisdiction over Francesca in this case. And our own jurisprudence supports this holding. In every case where Mississippi courts have exercised personal jurisdiction over nonresident paramours, our courts have made it clear that the paramours knew they were engaged in a relationship with a person from Mississippi."

This case also has an extremely detailed discussion of personal jurisdiction for other cases. 

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