Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Rule 41 of the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure allows the parties to dismiss a case without getting an order signed by the Court.  I normally prefer to do an order, but the Rule does not require it.  The Rule provides as follows:

(a) VoluntaryDismissal Effect Thereof.
(1)  By  Plaintiff  By  Stipulation.    Subject  to  the  provisions  of  Rule 66,  or  of  any  statute
of  the  State  of  Mississippi, and  upon  the  payment  of  all  costs,  an  action  may  be  dismissed  by
the plaintiff without order ofcourt:
(i) by filing a notice of dismissal at any time before service by the adverse partyof
an answer or ofa motion for summary judgment, whichever first occurs; or
(ii)  by  filing  a  stipulation  of  dismissal  signed  by  all  parties  who have  appeared  in  the

Unless  otherwise  stated  in  the  notice  of  dismissal  or  stipulation,  the  dismissal is
without prejudice

This can be a good option when parties want a case to end immediately upon the reaching of an agreed upon settlement once the money exchanges hands. 

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