Monday, September 28, 2015

Mental Health Privilege

There is a common belief for some reason that mental health records are always discoverable in a custody case.  This is not the case.  Rule 503 of the Mississippi Rules of evidence states that the records are not privileged related to custody.  However, the records may not be relevant.  The comments provide that under  subsection  (d)(4),  when  determining  whether  records  are  relevant  to  a custody,  termination,  or  adoption  action,  some  of  the  factors  courts  should  consider    include whether:  (1)  the  treatment  was recent  enough  to  be  relevant;  (2)  substantive  independent evidence of serious impairment exists; (3) sufficient  evidence is  unavailable elsewhere;  (4) court  ordered  evaluations  are  an  inadequate  substitute;  and  (5)  given  the  severity  of  the alleged disorder, communications made in the course of  treatment are likely  to be relevant.

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