Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Standard for a New Trial in Criminal Case Based on Newly Discovery Evidence

The Mississippi Supreme Court stated that the movant seeking a new trial based on newly discovered evidence must provide evidence which satisfies the following elements: (1) that the new evidence was discovered since the trial, (2) that when using due diligence the evidence could not be discovered prior to trial, (3) that the evidence is material to the issue and that it is not merely cumulative or impeaching, and (4) that the evidence will probably produce a different result or verdict in the new trial. Whether the newly discovered evidence presented will likely change the outcome if a new trial were granted is a determination made by the trial court in its discretion and will not be overruled by this Court unless it is an abuse of discretion.
Williams v. State, 754 So.2d 591 (¶ 7) (Miss.Ct.App.2000) (citations omitted).

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