Monday, May 23, 2016

Mississippi Brief Time Frames

In Mississippi, briefs to the Court of Appeals and Mississippi Supreme Court have several time frames for consideration depending on where one is in the process.  Below is a list of the major deadlines.

Time to appeal - 30 days from entry of order denying new trial or reconsideration
File Designation of the record - 7 days from filing notice of appeal
Pay appeal costs - 7 days from filing notice of appeal
Time to fix defects before dismissal - 14 days
Time for clerk and court reporter to prepare appeal record - 30 - 60 days barring extensions
Time to review completed record - each side has 14 days to review - Appellant gets first 14,  
                                                                                                               Appellee 2nd 14
Time frames for briefs - 40 days Appellant, 30 days Appellee, Reply Brief 14 days
Time frame to Rule on Initial Case - 270 days
Time frame to file rehearing 14 days
Reply to rehearing or cert - 14 days
Time frame to rule on rehearing - no set time, normally within 5 months
Petition for certiorari to Mississippi Supreme Court- 14 days after order denying rehearing
Time to Rule on cert. - 90 days
Time frame to rule if cert granted - 180 days

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