Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mississippi Speeding Statutes List

Below is a list of the major of the Mississippi Statutes dealing with speeding which may be relevant in an accident.

1.            63-3-309               Rules for intersections, yielding right of way

2.            63-3-311               Rules for flashing lights, yielding right of way

3.            63-3-501               Maximum speeds for highways

4.            63-3-505               Conditions under which speed must be decreased:

                                                a.            approaching an intersection

                                                b.            approaching a curve, cresting a hill

                                                c.             narrow or winding roadway

                                                d.            trucks and tractor trailers must reduce speed to 45 mph during inclement weather

5.            63-3-509               Minimum speed limits for highways

6.            63-3-601               Vehicles to be operated on right half of roadway unless:            

                                                a.            passing another vehicle

                                                b.            right roadway is closed

                                                c.             there are three marked lanes

                                                d.            road is marked for one way traffic

7.            63-3-609               Rules for passing vehicles proceeding in same direction

8.            63-3-611               Rules for passing vehicles on left side of roadway

9.            63-3-613               Rules for passing vehicles on right side of roadway

10.          63-3-615               Passing school busses

11.          63-3-619               Distances to be maintained between vehicles:

                                                not more closely than is reasonable and prudent

12.          63-3-703               Turning at intersections

13.          63-3-707               Signaling of turns and stops

                                                a.            signal must be given continuously

                                                b.            no stopping or slowing suddenly without signal

14.          63-3-803               Vehicle turning left at intersection yields to vehicles coming from opposite direction.  Once ROW is yielded, vehicle turning left may proceed and all other vehicles must yield                                                   ROW

15.          63-3-901               No stopping, standing or parking:

                                                a.            on a sidewalk

                                                b.            in front of a public or private driveway

                                                c.             within an intersection

                                                d.            within 10 feet of a fire hydrant

                                                e.            on a crosswalk or within 20 feet thereof


16.          63-3-1112            Driver has duty to avoid collision with a pedestrian

17.          63-3-1201            Reckless driving – willful or wanton disregard for the safety of others

18.          63-3-1213            Careless driving

19.          63-11-30               Driving under the influence of alcohol                                                                 

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