Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Double Jeopardy and Appeal by the Prosecution

Mississippi Code Annotated section 99-35-103(b) (Rev. 2015) states  that  the State
may  appeal  a  criminal  circuit-court  judgment  that  actually  acquits  the  defendant  where  a
question  of  law  has  been  decided  adversely  to  the  State.  However,  the  appeal  shall  not
subject  the  defendant  to  further  prosecution,  nor  shall  the  acquittal  be  reversed.  Id.  As such, the  State can  appeal  the  trial  court’s  decision;  however,  it  is  clear  from  the  plain
language  of  section  99-35-103  that  it  can  only  do  so  for  the  Court  to  decide  a  question  of  law and the Defendant may not be re-prosecuted. 

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