Friday, July 15, 2016

Police Suits

There have been a number of police suits in the past few weeks as noted in the news.  One of them is located here.  As most people know, I am kind of a form junkie and tend to collect pleadings.  If you want to know how to plead anything on these type of cases or look at how they can be defended, the complaint in this case and pleadings thereafter filed in the case are a good place to start.  I have litigated an interstate police case in the past and the most interesting part of the case is the conflict of laws issues that arise.  The most obvious area in this type of case is when the situation arises that a state employee of one state loses certain immunities because the law of the other state applies which does not grant them the same privilege.  The same analysis can also apply on damages caps, defenses, etc.

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